refill store albany bay area california

You can now refill your bottles in the store by appointment only.


We are excited to be able to welcome you in the store again. Our priority is to take care of our team and our customers, thank you for your full cooperation while we adapt as best as we can!

Our store will open again on Wednesday June 3rd, with a new schedule. Given the context, we decided to temporarily change the way we do business by offering shopping sessions by appointment only. And to do that safely, we are strictly following the Alameda County Health Department guidelines. 

Address: 828 San Pablo ave, suite 106, Albany CA 94706

Our new hours are:

WEDNESDAY: 3pm - 7pm
THURSDAY: 3pm - 7pm
FRIDAY: 3pm - 7pm
SATURDAY: 10am - 2pm
SUNDAY: 10am - 2pm


When you come to the store for your appointment, we ask you to follow this safe protocol:

1 - Face covering and hand sanitizing are required in the store. Hand sanitizer is provided. Once your hands are clean, it's important to avoid any potential cross contamination: that's why we ask you to not touch your personal belongings, like your phone, while you shop. This way, you are free to browse the products on the shelves.

2 - Do not come if you have a fever or any symptoms per CDC guidelines. Likewise, our team members are asked to stay home if they feel sick. 

3 - Maintain a physical distance of 6’ with our team as much as possible while you are in the store.

4 - Bulk products. We will refill containers for you. You can use our containers or bring your own jars as long as they are clean. We will sanitize the outside of your jars with hydrogen peroxide. Then tell us what you need and how much, and we will prepare your refills!

5 - You can bring your own reusable bag. Just leave it at the entrance of the store, and use it only when it's time to bag your purchases. We wipe the counter with hydrogen peroxide after each appointment, as well as the entrance door and any high contact surfaces. This and washing your hands before shopping is the best way to reduce risks.

6 - Payment. We can do contactless payment by credit card or you can pay by cash if you have the exact change. 

Thank you for your patience and continued support! It’s difficult to keep everyone informed as things progress, especially for those who do not regularly check our social media and website, and we apologize for the inconvenience. These are challenging times and we are trying our best to be responsible and safe, while keeping up with our mission to reduce plastic waste.

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  • Castile soap (Dr Bronner and local supplier)
  • All purpose cleaner (Puretergent)
  • Dish soap (Sapadilla and Puretergent)
  • Dishwasher powder (LAMissApple)
  • Toilet bombs (LAMissApple and ButterMeUp Organics)
  • Baking soda
  • Cleaning scrub powder peppermint tea tree (Meliora)
  • Laundry liquid (Puretergent)
  • Laundry powder (Meliora)
  • Toothpaste tablets (Unpaste)
  • Epsom salts
  • Bath salts (Soap Cauldron)
  • Rose and lavender bath bombs (LAMissApple)
  • Body wash (Oneka)
  • Cream deodorants (Elevated)
  • Shampoo (Oneka)
  • Conditioner (Oneka)
  • Hand soap (Oneka)
  • Body lotion (Oneka)
  • Clay mask (Samudra Skin and Sea)
  • Golden jojoba oil
  • Almond oil
  • Rose hydrosol
  • Witch hazel