Natural Spray Deodorant
Natural Spray Deodorant
Natural Spray Deodorant
Natural Spray Deodorant
Natural Spray Deodorant
Natural Spray Deodorant
Tap Tap Organics

Natural Spray Deodorant


With each refill you avoid approximately 0.1 lb of plastic waste!

We are thrilled to include this natural deodorant in our refill offer!
When you run out, we'll collect the bottle, clean, sanitize and refill it!

Have you been on the impossible quest to find a natural deodorant that actually works? Search no more! Tap Tap's natural Deodorant Spray is not only effective the entire day, but comes in three light and fresh scents.

The combination of baking soda and key essential oils prevent body odor from occurring, while providing delicious scents that uplift and energize. The coconut oil moisturizes and extends the scent of the essential oils. Witch hazel is antimicrobial, plant-derived, a natural astringent that helps balance and moisturize your skin. 

Select from these amazing scents:

  • Tea Tree + Lime
  • Lavender + Sweet Orange
  • Lemon + Sweet Orange

REFILLABLE : On your first order we'll provide a spray. Then we'll deliver refills, which means the glass bottle with a metal cap. Reuse the spray pump from your first purchase.

Directions of use: Shake before each use. Spray as needed on clean arm pits. Once or twice sprays is usually enough, but reapply if needed. Let air day before dressing. Please note this is not an antiperspirant. However, this deodorant is extremely effective in controlling body order.
If the spray clogs overtime from baking soda build-up, simply remove from bottle and rinse with water.

Made in San Francisco, California

Ingredients: aqua (distilled water), organic Hamamelis virginiana (witch hazel) distillate, caprylic/capric triglyceride (from coconut oil), sodium bicarbonate, anthemis nobilis (chamomile), essential oils (lemon, sweet orange, lime / lavender, sweet orange, lime / tea tree, lime)


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