Friendsheep Wool

Wool Dryer Balls


Product available in limited quantity

Show your love for our beautiful ocean and ditch single-use dryer sheets!

Switch to a fun, eco-friendly, plastic-free and toxin-free laundry with these beautiful Blue Ocean Eco Dryer Balls!

Pair with a few drops of essential oil and enjoy soft, clean, and fresh laundry.

Friendsheep Eco Dryer Balls are an all-natural and organic fabric softener handmade from 100% premium New Zealand wool.  They replace dryer sheets and fabric softeners, both known to contain harmful chemicals, are fully reusable for over 1000 loads, and reduce drying time by up to 40%!

Save time, energy, and money while being kind to people, animals, and our Planet! ❤️🌎

The dyes are colorfast and never bleed! They are eco-friendly, certified azo-free, lead-free, and compliant with the German Safety Product Safety Act (ProdSG).

Friendsheep Eco Dryer Balls are hand made for fair wages in Nepal, and are not mass produced in China like most of the other wool dryer balls. The artisans are people - mostly women - from underprivileged communities living in the Himalayan Valley of Kathmandu.

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