Juniperseed Mercantile

2 Reusable Kitchen Sponges


Set of 2 handmade and re-useable kitchen sponges, made from unbleached organic cotton and bamboo.

A fantastic eco-friendly alternative to regular disposable sponges, that fill up landfills.

Approximate size 3.5″ by 6″.

The inner 2 layers of Organic, Double Loop French Terry is so great for the purpose of cleaning due to bamboo’s natural anti-bacterial and anti-microbial properties. Mold and mildew resistant! Perfect for the kitchen!

On the outside of the scrubber is an Organic Waffle Weave fabric that has been pre-washed to allow for shrinkage. You may see some additional shrinkage but it should be minimal. The waffle weave will give this sponge “scrubbing” capabilities that smooth fabrics just can’t do. There's no printed cottons due to the fading that can occur when used with certain household cleaning products such as soft scrub. We want your sponge to look good on the side of your sink through much use!

Care: Wash and dry with your normal laundry. For best results, use a mesh wash bag.

Made in Littleton, Colorado.

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