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What about swapping your ugly single use plastic container for a beautiful and convenient glass one that you will use forever? It's the key to kick off a zero waste life!

We selected these jars for their timeless look and their robustness : they can be refilled and washed over and over again, and they will always look as good as new.
We added a pump so you can use just the right quantity of product : it's eco-friendly and wallet-friendly!

The Dish Liquid dispenser has a capacity of 32oz (sold empty). You can refill it with Biokleen Dish Liquid (click to see the product).
The Laundry Liquid dispenser has a capacity of 64oz (sold empty). You can refill it with our selection of laundry liquids.

Purchase a dispenser with your first order only, you'll keep it at home. When it's empty, order a refill, place the pump on it and put the empty container on your doorstep, we'll take care of the rest. 

Already have plenty of jars at home? You can purchase the lid and the pump only!

Made in USA 


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