Baume Réparateur


A healing, everyday balm!

De-clutter your life with this multi-use balm infused with perennial plants.

Wilderness in a jar. Created by Anato’s founder, a surfer & mountaineer with dry sensitive skin. Soothing perennial plants work to replace first aid ointment, help promote tissue healing, and relieve chapped skin for fellow outdoor enthusiasts.

🌿 Brings immediate relief for chapped skin - The regenerative oils, butters, and waxes quench and repair irritated skin and lips.

🌿 Softens the skin - Calloused hands and heels, chapped lips, irritated nostrils from a cold... anywhere needing attention

🌿 Works as a luxurious cleansing balm for dry skin - Much like an oil cleanser, the baume is a nourishing way to cleanse. No more dry, stripped skin after using a face wash. 

🌿 Use it as a face mask: On freshly cleansed skin, take a dollop of the baume and gently massage into the face. Leave on for 10-20 minutes, and then wipe clean with a warm, damp cloth. Leaves your skin silky smooth.

🌿 Aroma profile: The Mediterranean coast 


What's in this balm?

※ Olive oil: As one of the richest sources of squalene, our U.S sourced olive oil brings deep, recognizable moisture to the skin and supports the skin’s protective role against environmental stressors. Olive oil helps to drive the accompanying botanicals of the baume deeper into the skin.

※ Shea butter:  Rich in plant compounds that soften, nourish, and protect. Shea improves the skin’s elasticity and holds in moisture while providing protection from harsh or dry environmental conditions. It also has the ability to increase circulation and oxygenation which promotes rapid healing.

※ Comfrey: With both emollient and astringent properties, comfrey is a renowned wound healer. It accelerates the healing process through cell regeneration and proper scar formation. 

※ Tamanu & karanja oils: Karanja, a cousin to neem without the unpleasant aroma, provides strong antibacterial support. Tamanu is a tropical oil with powerful anti-inflammatory and healing abilities.


How are Anato products made?

Anato goes beyond organic by utilizing perennial plants and tree crops from regenerative farms. These perennials sequester more carbon than annual crops. Anato uses renewable resources that can regenerate year after year.  

Sustainability is not just about the planet, it’s also about the people. Anato works closely with farmers and suppliers to ensure their ingredients are sourced ethically. 

The main ingredients come from the US, while others from where they grow best.


Size: 2 oz.

Packaging: a glass jar with a metal lid. We will take it back when it's empty, and reuse it.

Made in Santa Cruz, CA

↟ Ingredients responsibly sourced from perennial plants and tree crops → Body care that reverses climate change

Certified Organic: olive oil infused with: comfrey, thyme, plantain; shea butter, candelilla & laurel waxes; tamanu & karanja oils, essential oils of: Salvia rosmarinus, Lavandula angustifolia, Melaleuca alternifolia, Pelargonium graveolens.

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