Verdant Wild

Magnesium Deodorant


A natural deodorant stick that WORKS! This biodegradable tube packs a whopping 2.3 oz, sure to last you very long!

Magnesium is the active ingredient that creates an inhospitable environment for smelly bacteria to do their thing—meaning NO pore-clogging aluminum and NO rash-inducing baking soda! Arrowroot powder soaks up moisture while skin conditioning, organic plant oils moisturize and soothe, and local beeswax provides staying power.

Direction: To use, push up along inside edge of bottom disc to release, then gently push up center of disc until a small amount is raised and apply to armpits—a swipe or two will do! If there is any excess, rub it in with a hand in to save your clothing from residue. Love those pits!

Packaging: The tube is compostable, only the sticker goes in the trash.

Made in Santa Cruz, CA

Ingredients: arrowroot powder*, extra virgin coconut oil*, shea*, magnesium hydroxide, beeswax∞, **

**Herbarium: essential oils of lavender*, bergamot* and tea tree.* Botanic Garden: essential oils of geranium*, ylang ylang* and ho wood. Arboretum: essential oils of bay laurel*, cedar* and juniper berry.*

*organic  ∞local

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