Kelp Forest Face Mask & Polish

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Never damage your skin tissue with an abrasive scrub again!

Harness the power of coastal botanicals for unbelievably silky smooth skin with this multifunctional mask & polish. The elements of Earth and Ocean work together to soothe, hydrate, firm and detoxify.

Packaged in glass as a fine powder, the Kelp Forest Face Mask is versatile in both its uses and its targeted skin types.

Blend it with any type of oil, tea, or water, depending on what your skin is asking for, and apply it on your face as a mask, a gentle exfoliating polish, or a spot treatment for zits.

🌿 Sea to skin: Deep sea nutrients boost vitality, vibrancy and suppleness.

🌿 Gentle exfoliation: This fine powder transforms into a delicate cream that helps you rid your body of dead skin cells and toxins. 

🌿 Silky smooth: The blend of clays and the demulcent nature of locally harvested kelp polish and plump your skin to next level smoothness.

🌿 Having issues with natural deodorants? Not as effective as you'd like them to be? This product doubles up as an armpit detox. 

🌿 Aroma profile: Coastal trails of sunny California.

This mask combines the stimulating properties of seaweed with the drawing and softening properties of clay. As if bathing in an ocean kelp forest — this mask will help stimulate blood flow and will leave your skin glowing.


Size: 1 fl.oz. 4 months supply.

Packaging: Glass bottle with a cork lid. We will take it back when empty to clean and reuse it.

How to use: Add 1 drop of oil (for dry skin) or 1 drop of water (for oily skin) to 1/2 teaspoon of powder to form a paste. Massage onto skin and leave on for up to 30mn. Wash off with warm water.

Plastic-free packaging: glass bottle with a cork top and a compostable label, return it when it's empty.

Made in Santa Cruz, CA

Ingredients: Green clay, Kaolin clay, California Kelp*, Yarrow flower*, proprietary blend of Perennial plant essential oils*.

*certified organic ingredient


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