Arborescent Serum - Nutritive Evening Oil


Zero Waste: The bottles come with a screw cap. If you need a dropper, add it to your cart, it's free. Droppers can easily be cleaned and reused, no need to get a new one each time.


Let the trees smooth out your day's worries with this balancing facial serum. 

Nourish & soften your skin with this replenishing Forest to Face® serum. Jojoba evens skin tone, while Moringa’s vital nutrients soothe & clarify. Our light evening oil envelopes you with a calming aroma, unveiling a glowing complexion.

🌿 This hybrid oil works as a face moisturizer, oil cleanser, & hair oil - Protecting your skin & hair from damage and environmental stress

🌿 Absorbs effortlessly into your skin - our U.S, Sonoran desert grown jojoba is quite incredible.

🌿 Aroma profile: Sweet and luxurious. Like golden hour in the tropics. 


Formulated entirely from trees and perennial plants, this serum brings perennial beauty to your skin and hair. 

⟡ Jojoba oil: Grown and pressed from a family farm in the Sonoran desert, jojoba oil mimics the body’s natural sebum more so than any other oil out there. Locks in moisture and absorbs quickly into the skin without clogging pores. Evens skin tone and leaves a radiant and healthy glow.

⟡ Moringa oil: Also known as the “miracle tree”, due to its remarkable nutritional value and widespread resourcefulness. This is a tree crop we want to see more of! Provides deep moisture without feeling oily, thanks to its high levels of behenic acid. Its youth-enhancing properties help stimulate collagen production. Your complexion will feel balanced and vibrant.


All skin types seeking a Forest to Face® experience will benefit from the non-greasy, highly nourishing, and deeply emollient properties of the arborescent serum.

⚘ For dry + mature skin: Moringa, considered one of the most nutritious plants in the world, helps to minimize the appearance of wrinkles, reduce the roughness of dry skin, and overall boost the vitality and suppleness of the skin.

⚘ For oily + combination skin: Jojoba’s likeness to human sebum means it is easily absorbed and helps to regulate your body’s oil production. Moringa’s vital nutrients feed, balance, and clarify troubled skin.


Size: 0.5 fl.oz and 1 fl.oz.

Packaging: Glass bottle with or without a pipette. On your 2nd purchase, keep your pipette and select the refill only. We will take back the bottle when emptied to reuse it.

Made in Santa Cruz, CA.

Ingredients: responsibly sourced from perennial plants and tree crops → Your skin care choices can help to reverse climate change.

Certified Organic: jojoba and moringa oils, essential oils: Citrus bergamia, Cananga odorata, Citrus sinensis, Pimpinella anisum, Pelargonium graveolens, Pogostemon cablin, Vanilla planifolia.


Warning: do not expose skin to direct sun after the use of this oil, as the citrus essential oil used in the blend may cause sun sensitivity. Essential oils in the citrus family (e.g. lemon, orange, bergamot, grapefruit) have wonderful properties but can cause increased photosensitivity.  This means that the skin may be more sensitive to UV light.

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