Woodlands Beard Oil - Pour Homme


Zero Waste: The bottles come with a screw cap. If you need a dropper, add it to your cart, it's free. Droppers can easily be cleaned and reused, no need to get a new one each time.


A 3-in-1 oil for the outdoors man!

Evoke the scent of deep wilderness with enriching cedar and spruce. Baobab and jojoba combine for a softening yet quick-dry beard oil or aftershave, cultivating clear & balanced skin.

Simplify your routine, and let the trees do your grooming ↟

Aroma profile: an adventure in the woods with warm notes of spice.


This hybrid oil works as: 

🌿 A face moisturizer/aftershave - For clear, hydrated, and smooth skin. Apply around 10 drops of oil to your hands and gently massage into your face.

🌿 A beard oil - Softening & smoothing. Massage a few drops of oil into your fingertips and work through your beard.

🌿 An eau de cologne - Dab a few drops around the neck and/or wrists for a quick daydream into the woods.


Oil benefits 

⫸ Balances skin  ↠  Jojoba oil has the neutralizing ability to limit excess oil production while still providing deep moisture for dry skin.

⫸ Softens signs of aging ↠ Baobab can significantly help to tone, moisturize and increase elasticity - giving skin a soft and clear texture

⫸ Calms acne, cuts, + scrapes ↠ The base oils and essential oils are packed with vitamins, minerals, an healthy fats that cultivate a healthy skin microbiome

⫸ Absorbs effortlessly ↠ our U.S, Sonoran desert grown jojoba and baobab oils have remarkable chemistry that our skin easily drinks in

🌿 OurJojoba oil is grown and pressed from a family farm in the Sonoran desert


Anato goes beyond organic by utilizing perennial plants and tree crops that sequester more carbon than annual crops. They use renewable resources that can regenerate year after year. 

But sustainability is not just about the planet, it’s also about the people. So Anato works closely with farmers and suppliers to ensure their ingredients are sourced ethically. 

The main ingredients come from the US, while others come from where they grow best. All from regenerative farms.


Size: 1 fl.oz

Packaging: glass bottle with or without a dropper. Add a free dropper to your cart on your 1st order. When you run out, keep the dropper (it's easy to clean) and order a bottle only on your next order. Return the empties, we will clean and reuse them.

Made in Santa Cruz, CA

↟ Ingredients responsibly sourced from perennial plants and tree crops → Your skin care choices can help to reverse climate change

Certified Organic: jojoba and baobab oils, essential oils: Cedrus atlantica, Pinus sylvestris, Picea mariana, Cinnamomum camphora. Pogostemon Cablin, Styrax spp.


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