Zero Waste October Challenge

Zero Waste October

The Zero Waste October Challenge was developed by Rebecca Newburn, a middle school science teacher in Marin County. She worked with Kathryn Kellogg of GoingZeroWaste and Anastacia Nicole, a zero waste specialist.

I was lucky to co-present a workshop with Rebecca today at Ecology Center in Berkeley. It was perfect to kick off Zero Waste October!

fillgood rebecca newburn zero waste october  fillgood rebecca newburn zero waste october challenge

Schools are the perfect place to talk about Zero Waste, students from K to 12 understand very well why it's important to protect our environment. 

If you work in a school, are a member of the PTA or if you're a teacher, please share and spread the word about this great initiative!! You'll find a lot of useful ressources on Rebecca's website to work with your classroom on a Zero Waste project. 

Students can even take the 31-days challenge at home and move towards a zero waste lifestyle with their families!  

Learn more on the Zero Waste Challenge website and participate to one of our workshops, we have one or more every month!


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