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zero waste giveaway san francisco

We are very excited to announce a month long giveaway, in partnership with BeMindful!

Every week until August 30th we will give away one of these beautiful Reusable Cotton Produce Sacs.

The rules:

  1. Place an order or sign up here →
  2. Follow us and BeMindful on Instagram or Facebook: and @bemindfultruckee

We’ll draw a winner every Thursday of August: the 9th, 16th, 23rd and 30th!

Orders and signups considered are the ones placed the week before. For example, on Thursday 9th, we’ll take into account the orders and signups registered between August 2nd and 8th.

Entrants must have a US shipping address. A winner will be randomly selected, must not be affiliated with Instagram or Facebook. Giveaway closes on Wednesday August 29th at midnight.


zero waste cotton produce bag sac

Meet our zero waste partner BeMindful blog!

We asked a couple of questions to Maureen, the owner of this blog about mindful living.

1/ Why did you start

Be Mindful® is a blog and website that explores wellness, mediation, and living mindfully.

A few years back I was working in a stressful environment and dealing with some health issues. Meditation and mindful living helped immensely to handle the stress. I decided to share the information I was learning on my blog for others who are looking to explore mindful living.

2/  What was  your plastic pollution eye opening moment?

I watched the movie “A Plastic Ocean.”, a documentary that shows the scope of the problem of plastic pollution and how it is affecting our planet.

I have been disturbed seeing just how much of the plastic that our society uses in massive quantities that ends up not recycled but floating in the middle of the ocean. Plastic Pollution is a massive problem, but I truly believe that our individual actions can make a difference.

3/ What would you recommend to someone who would like to start including more mindfulness in his life?

One simple way to use mindfulness is to creatively cut down on Plastic, through Mindful food choices. Cut down on the amount of single-use plastics that you consume at the grocery store. Bring your own bags, buy bulk and refuse to buy items packaged in plastic.


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