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Refill stores: a community of passionate people!

Two days ago I was contacted by another amazing person who is seeking advice from me for her refill store project in Santa Cruz, CA. She and her family are trying to reduce waste everyday and lower their impact on the planet. But now she wants to do more to support the zero waste movement and encourage others to change their lifestyles. She's ready to quit her job and take on the big challenge of opening her own refill store. How I admire that! And I'm honored to be able to help by sharing my experience!

This made me think that there are more and more package free shops opening around the world. So I wrote this blog post to spread the word about them, hoping that you reader will share this list with your friends and family. 

You will not find in this list all the grocery stores that have a bulk corner (check out instead Bea Jonhson's bulk finder). My goal here is to put in the spotlight this community of people who took risks to build businesses that offer refills and are fully dedicated to promote a zero waste and plastic free lifestyle. This list will be regularly updated.

Do you own a refill store or website? Please contact me so I can add you to this list!


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        More zero waste supermarkets available on Bepakt website.

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