Our 4 Favorite Earth Friendly Movies of 2020!

Since we have to stay home, let’s use this holiday break to learn more about climate change and more importantly, the solutions to this environmental and social crisis. 

Here’s a list of our favorite 2020 Earth friendly documentaries.

Eye-opening, they describe so well our current situation and yes it can be hard to take in. But they also carry an important message: so many people around the world are working on efficient solutions that, once deployed at a large scale, could really help us solve this crisis. It really looks like we have all the tools to build the bright future our children deserve. There’s hope.

🌱 Kiss The Ground: modern agriculture is destroying top soils around the world, and by doing so it’s a huge contributor to greenhouse gases emissions. According to this movie, with the current practices, we have 60 harvests left... But these soils can be regenerated, the way we produce food can become a giant system that absorbs CO2 emissions and balances our climate. Absolutely fascinating! You can watch it on Netflix and Vimeo.

🌎 The Story of Plastic: we’ve been talking about this movie before, a must see to understand why there’s so much plastic in our life, its devastating impact on our environment and our health and what we can do about it. A movie by The Story of Stuff Project, one of our favorite environmental non profits! Available on Amazon, Apple TV, DiscoveryGo and Xfinity video-on-demand.

🌱 A Life on Our Planet: Sir David Attenborough beautiful witness statement. He has been exploring the planet for decades, sharing on television amazing unique places none of us will ever see. But he also witnessed first hand the dramatic changes our habitat, the Earth, is going through. This movie is a beautiful celebration of our planet and a powerful call to action. Available on Netflix.

🌎 I am Greta: "The birth of a climate warrior" according to the NYT. This is the story of an incredible girl who felt that she had to do something about the climate crisis and acted like no one before. She inspired millions of people around the world to follow her lead, met with world leaders, faced countless attacks. But she’s still there with only one goal in mind, protecting the future of our planet. Available on Hulu.

These movies are family friendly, they are a great opportunity to talk about climate change with your kids. We hope they will inspire you all to find more ways to protect our planet every day!

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