We are back from our well needed break! It allowed us to take a step back and reorganize a few things to better serve you as long as there is a shelter in place. 

Our store remains closed because it’s our top priority to protect our team and our customers. We will reconsider when the shelter in place is lifted.

We have updated the website and our schedule so it’s easier to order online and pick up your order or get a home delivery.

Here’s everything you need to know! And if you have any questions, please email us: contact@fillgood.co

Thank you for supporting our local business in these difficult times. And thank you for not giving up on plastic waste reduction.

Stay safe!



All the products are now available on our website. New products will be shared on social media and appear in the collection called “NEW PRODUCTS”.

We offer 1, 2 or 3 different sizes for each bulk product. We cannot take custom sizes because we need to keep our refill process simple.

If you’d like to pick up your order, we have 9 locations available, including our store. The list is available here. You can find more details below in the "Pickup Schedule" section.

We offer 5% off on all pickup orders. Use the code PICKUP5 at checkout and select your pickup location.

If you’d like a home delivery, check that we serve your city. If we do, select “Home/Office Delivery” at checkout. We offer free delivery for orders over $40.

As always, we deliver once a week in the East Bay, Mill Valley and San Francisco; every other week in the South Bay and the Peninsula.



Bulk products are packaged in glass jars, aluminum bottles, or gallon jugs. Please don't keep these containers; we don’t charge you for them. That's why we ask you to return them when emptied. Empty containers will be cleaned and refilled again. That’s how we close the loop!

We cannot refill your own containers at the moment as we need to make sure they are sanitized.

We would like to avoid a line in front of our store while you wait for us to fulfill your order. That’s why we decided it was safer and faster to ask you to order online and use the containers already available in the store.

That being said, we may run out of jars since our supply chain has been impacted. We gladly accept glass jar donations, as long as the jars are clean and larger than a quart (32oz in volume). As an extra precaution, we will let them sit for 3 days, clean them again and use them. 

When you come for your pick up at the store, feel free to leave us your bag with clean containers, in our "Jar Donation" box. We'll be sure to reuse them. Thank you!




  • Thursdays: 3pm - 7pm
  • Saturday: 10am - 2pm
  • Sunday: 10am - 2pm

We will extend these hours with another pickup day soon. 

When you opt for store pickup, please place your order the day before your desired pickup day. The cutoff time is 5pm. We cannot offer same day pickup. 

Please make sure to add your cell phone number to your account. We will contact you as soon as your order is ready. We may experience minor delays, so please wait for our confirmation by text to come to the store. 

When you arrive at the store:

  • The door will be closed. Knock on the door and someone will come to give you your order.
  • As recommended by the state of CA, please wear a mask. And if you feel sick, please stay at home and ask a family member or a close friend to come pick up your bag.
  • Always check that you have everything you ordered before leaving. Mistakes happen 😃

If you have bags and empties to return, you will be able to drop them off in our Return Box. 

If you'd like to donate glass jars, you will find a "Jar Donation" box in front of the door.


We will follow the regular delivery schedule: every other Monday in the South Bay/Peninsula, every Wednesday in the East Bay, every Friday in San Francisco and Mill Valley.

You will receive a confirmation by email the day before. Please wait for our confirmation by text on delivery day to go to the pickup point.

When you pick up your order:

  • As recommended by the state of CA, please wear a mask. And if you feel sick, please stay at home and ask a family member or a close friend to come pick up your bag.
  • Your name will be visible so you don't have to touch the other bags. Please use a glove or a clean cloth to pick up your bag, as an extra precaution.
  • If there's any issue, contact us immediately.

You can drop off your bags and empties, with your name on the bag so we know what you returned.



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ruRsNdIwkYLJaV July 29, 2020

Hi Cyn,
We trust our brands to find the best sizes for their products. Whenever we can, we purchase the largest sizes available, but that’s not always possible. What we can tell you is that solid products last longer than liquid ones; people tend to use 7 times more product when it’s liquid compare to a solid version. Their shipping carbon footprint is also much lower since they are dry, compared to liquids which usually have water as the main ingredient.
Feel free to email us if you have more questions. Thank you for your support!

Fillgood May 31, 2020

why is it the bar companies decided to make 2.5 3.5 bars only why not 7. oz bars
why should i have to use my bar down to the size of a dime to 60 washes
we want us to give up plastic but this is crazy. refillig glass bottles would be better
please advise

cyn May 19, 2020

Hi Kate,
When you place an order online, you receive a confirmation immediately by email that we received your order. Then, when your order is ready, we contact you by text message to let you know when you can pick up.
Thank you for your support!

Fillgood May 09, 2020

Hi Caryl,
We do carry Oneka Body Lotion: https://www.fillgood.co/collections/bulk-bathroom/products/refill-body-lotion-oneka
Our pickup days are Thursday, Saturday and Sunday. You can pick up your order on one of those days if you place it the day before.
Thank you,
Fillgood team

Fillgood May 09, 2020

i am looking for a refill for ONEKA Body Lotion (Pour le Corps)
please advise if you have this and if it is available for pu sat may 2,
thank you,

caryl s levine May 01, 2020


I placed an order a few days and received a confirmation. Does a text message go out today if the order is available to pick up this afternoon?

Thank you, Kate

Kate Waffner April 30, 2020

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