New Product, Zero Waste, Zero Plastic!

fillgood tap tap sf zero waste moisturizer

We are very excited to announce our partnership with Tap Tap SF, a San Francisco based brand, strongly committed to provide plastic-free products!

Their wonderful Head to Toe moisturizers, made with organic ingredients, have a unique smooth whipped buttery texture we fell in love with!

2 scents are available: lavender and unscented.

This partnership is a big step towards our goal to provide Home & Body Products with the lowest environmental impact possible:

  • We collect the glass jars when empty and they are refilled in San Francisco, in Tap Tap SF studio.
  • Since both companies are in the Bay Area, on both sides of the Bay Bridge, the impact of shipping is very limited : short distance, no disposable packaging, pick-up and drop-off coordinated with our delivery route. 

Except for the tags, it's a waste free process we're very proud of!


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