Meeting with a zero waste hero!

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Beth Terry is one of my favorite zero waste heroes, I was lucky to meet her again last night in Oakland!

If you don’t know her, I can’t recommend her blog (My Plastic Free Life) and her book enough. As she said last night, when she's facing a problem, she works hard on it until she finds a solution, she’s so persistent! This is exactly what I love about her blog posts : she goes through all the details and asks all the questions to make sure the product she’s evaluating is the best solution available. She actually does all the hard work for us  😃 

If you think you don’t have time to compare products, just go on her blog: since 2007 she's tested a lot of plastic free options! 

Beth also shares updates about campaigns and actions. For example this morning I received her newsletter and there’s an article about a class action lawsuit that targets « natural » baby wipes claims.

Trying to reduce plastic in our own lives is important to show people that it’s possible; but we also need to get involved at a higher level in order to have a greater influence.

Thank you Beth for being such an inspiration and a wonderful person!    

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