Let's Pledge for a Plastic Free 2018!

zero waste pledge 2018


Our wish for 2018 is more than awareness, it's ACTION. Climate change, plastic pollution, air pollution, species extinctions: Humans won't survive without an healthy and thriving nature.

It's happening now, it's not about the future anymore, it's about all of us.

We are the first generation to have all the data, we know exactly the state of our planet. We have the responsibility to do something about it. 
NOW is the time to do more than being upset on social media, now is the time to ACT because we know the SOLUTIONS.

Whatever it is, do something, start somewhere, take the pledge!

  1. Each year 100,000 marine animals and over 1 million sea birds die from ingesting plastic. This plastic has to be removed from our oceans! Even if it’s only once a year, participate to local beach clean ups with Surfrider Foundation. Donate to these organizations, sign their petitions, they need support to continue protecting our environment: Plastic Pollution Coalition, 5gyres, BreakFreeFromPlastic, The Story of Stuff Project, The Sierra Club.  
  2. Change your habits: reduce waste, water and energy consumption, say no to disposable plastics, walk or bike whenever you can, buy less and better, enjoy life through experiences not things. 
  3. Talk about what you’re doing, be an example. People are always afraid of change, show them that it’s easy to lead an eco-friendly life.
  4. If you have to buy something or a service, look for eco-conscious businesses, whether it’s for you or your work. Ask people around you, join a local zero waste group (Zero Waste San Francisco), a Buy Nothing group, you’ll find answers and support from like-minded people.  
  5. Breathe, be mindful and grateful for our beautiful planet.
  6. Feel good about what you’re doing, it's an act of courage, don’t be shy, every drop counts


We'd love to hear about you: what’s going to be your next action in 2018 to lead an eco-friendly life?

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