5 Reasons Why We Offer Biokleen Home Products

5 Reasons Why We Offer Biokleen Home Products

Since Fillgood's launch in December 2016, Biokleen home products have been a major component of our refill service. After an extensive search, it was obvious that these products were the best fit for Fillgood's values and mission.

What's available so far in refill: Dishwasher Powder - Laundry Liquid - Laundry Powder - Dish Soap - All Purpose Cleaner

Today I’m very happy to share with you why we’ll continue this partnership and probably add a couple more products along the way.
  1. SAFE HOME PRODUCTS: It’s one of our top priorities to offer our customers products that are safe for them, their family and the planet. All the Biokleen products available on our website are rated A by EWG (the best score, on a scale from A to F) which means there are few/no known or suspected hazards to health or the environment. No need for toxic chemicals to enjoy a clean house!
  2. ECO FRIENDLY PRODUCTS THAT WORK: Eco-friendly cleaning products are the best, if they work, we all agree on this! That’s why we’ve tried Biokleen's extensively before adding them on our website and we still use them in our homes everyday. And now, more than a year of great feedbacks from our customers confirms that these products are good for the environment and really clean. "Dishes have never been so clean, and I'm amazed at how little it costs."
  3. VEGAN & CRUELTY FREE: There are no animal products in the formulations and there is no animal testing. Biokleen is vegan and Leaping Bunny certified. No animal should suffer so we can have safe products to clean our homes.
  4. REFILL FRIENDLY: Biokleen products can be found in most refill stores in the US. We are thrilled to work with a company that understands the importance of reducing plastic waste! The liquid products come in large plastic buckets: this type of container has many uses that’s why we’ve managed to reuse or donate all of them so far, which avoids to buy new containers. Our dream for the future: sending back these containers to Biokleen for a refill!!
  5. GREEN MANUFACTURING: Manufacturing products at a large scale has an environmental impact, even when we’re talking about eco-friendly products. Biokleen uses green manufacturing technologies and practices to minimize greenhouse gas emissions, waste generation and non-renewable or toxic materials. The products are made in Washington state, in a factory where 100% of the energy used is offset through wind power credits. Another key aspect: their products are concentrated which means water savings in the manufacturing process, packaging and fuel savings during shipping.

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